A Durable Drinking Glass Cup

Treated glass is perfect for silverware since it's truly strong and less inclined to parting from warm stun (abrupt or outrageous changes in temperature, for example, emptying a hot fluid into a virus glass, can make various pieces of the glass grow at various rates, driving it to split from pressure). On uncommon events, minor harm (like scratches and scratches) can make safety glass break startlingly (read more on why and how this occurs). So, treated glass is frequently alluded to as "security glass," since when it breaks, it disintegrates into 3D shape molded pieces as opposed to long, dainty shards—this is the reason safety glass is utilized for side and back windows in vehicles and glass shower entryways. What's more, as per our specialists, unconstrained break in tempered dishes is entirely uncommon, especially on the off chance that you take great consideration of your crystal.
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A heap of pop lime glass broken into long slender shards beside a heap of treated glass broken into 3D square formed pieces.

Soft drink lime glass breaks into long dainty shards (left), treated glass breaks into 3D shape molded pieces (right). Photograph: Michael Hession

Different kinds of glass

Some drinking glasses are produced using borosilicate glass, which is profoundly impervious to warm stun. In any case, it's more weak than treated glass and progressively costly. For an introduction on the distinction between precious stone, nonleaded gem, and soft drink lime glass, see our manual for the best wine glasses.

How we picked

Our lifts for best drinking glass fixed up on a table secured with a pink tablecloth.

Our picks (from left to right): The Bormioli Rock Bar glass, the IKEA 365+ glass, the Duralex Picardie glass, the IKEA Godis glass, and the US Acrylic water glass. Photograph: Michael Hession

Subsequent to addressing our specialists and long periods of our own long haul testing, we made a rundown of the most significant highlights to search for in a universally handy drinking glass:

Quality and feel

Regardless of whether you're picking glass or plastic, the best universally handy drinking glass ought to be clear, basic in plan, and free of defects, so you can see the fluid in the glass. Since you're probably going to drink from this glass more than some other one in your home, we believe it's significant that it be something you need to go after over and over. In a perfect world, it ought to likewise be a glass that is suitable for all events—easygoing or formal—and it ought to be straightforward enough to fit the stylish of generally silverware.

Treated glass is perfect for flatware since it's truly strong and less inclined to parting from warm stun.


Since drinking glasses get so much use, their solidness is a need. Treated glass is by a wide margin the most strong sort of glass we tried: Some tempered glasses had the option to endure rehashed counter-stature drops onto a marble floor without breaking. This wasn't the situation with the soft drink lime glasses we tried, which broke each time they hit a marble floor from a 3-foot stature. We additionally included plastic tumblers in our gathering, which obviously were the most solid glasses we tried. In spite of the fact that a portion of the plastic glasses we tried endured minor scrapes and scratches after rehashed drops onto a marble floor, none broke.

Shape, size, and weight

The size of the glass involves individual inclination, however following quite a while of long haul testing, we wouldn't prescribe anything littler than 10 to 12 ounces for an ordinary drinking glass. All things considered, we searched for glasses that were accessible in various sizes to suit a scope of inclinations. A significant number of our analyzers said they lean toward utilizing a littler 4-to 6-ounce size for drinking juice, mixed drinks, or wine, and bigger 12-to 16-ounce glasses for water or frosted tea.

Zachary Rudolph, a teacher at the Bay Area Glass Institute, revealed to us an extraordinary glass "can't be too wide on the grounds that you need to have the option to get your hand around it. It should feel pleasant in your grasp. It shouldn't be excessively overwhelming and when you carry it to your mouth to drink, your lips should simply fit appropriate around the edge, and it shouldn't impede your nose. You likewise need a pleasant thick base so when you put it down it won't slide off the table." Many of us have presumably observed a lightweight glass hydroplane over a wet table, so this bodes well. In spite of the fact that dependability is significant, the glass shouldn't be excessively weighted, else it will be substantial and lumbering to hold.

The best generally useful drinking glass ought to be clear, straightforward in structure, and free of flaws, so you can see the fluid in the glass.

A decent drinking glass won't be too thick either. The vast majority of our analyzers were inclined toward meager rimmed glasses, which felt best against their lips. Thick china can feel burdensome, and a lot of like a capacity holder instead of a drinking glass.

In a perfect world, the glasses should stack pleasantly so they occupy less room in a cabinet. All things considered, regardless we included non-stacking glasses in our gathering for individuals who have sufficient cabinet space or incline toward the vibe of straight-sided crystal.

Cost and accessibility

We scanned for glasses that are sold at various retailers and have demonstrated life span with little change in structure throughout the years, since it's disappointing to break a glass just to discover it can't be supplanted. We tried glasses costing between $1 to $5 each, and did exclude some top of the line contributions. Glasses that cost $10 or more are commonly increasingly enriching and have constrained accessibility, in addition to they aren't especially moderate when you're hoping to purchase a lot of at least four.

Also, we precluded numerous glasses implied for eatery use, similar to these Anchor Hocking glasses, since they're sold uniquely in sets that are unreasonably huge for certain family units. It's best when the glasses are sold in littler arrangements of four or six, or sold open stock so if a glass breaks it tends to be effectively supplanted.

How we tried

We picked 13 finalists (both glass and plastic) and ran different drop tests: We thumped the glasses onto both hardwood and marble floors from a stature of 3 feet. We likewise hit the edge of the glasses against the edge of a marble counter to check whether they would break. Since abrupt changes in temperature can make a glass break, we performed two temperature tests: We pulled hot glasses from the dishwasher and quickly filled them with ice water, at that point took glasses that had been in the cooler for an hour and filled them with bubbling water. A lot amazingly, none of the glasses broke in either test. We additionally washed and dried the plastic glasses more than multiple times in the dishwasher to check whether they would break, blur, or become overcast.

The majority of the tempered glasses we tried endure various 3-foot drops onto a marble floor.

At last, we welcomed our partners from Wirecutter and The New York Times (parent organization of Wirecutter) to hold and drink from our determination of glasses in our test kitchen and offer their conclusions. To keep our analyzers from being affected by brand inclinations, we secured the producer's stamp on the underside of each glass.

Our pick: Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Glasses

Our pick for best savoring glass four distinct sizes.

Photograph: Michael Hession

Our pick

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar

The best drinking glass

The sensibly valued Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar glass is incredibly sturdy and stacks well without staying. It has a bistro style like our redesign pick, the Duralex Picardie glass, however it costs about a large portion of the cost.

$20 from Amazon

(set of six)

$18 from Target

(set of six)

May be out of stock

We think the moderate Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar glass is the best universally handy drinking glass for a great many people. This immortal bistro-style glass is tough, lightweight, and dishwasher-safe. Since it's made of treated glass, it very well may be utilized for both hot and cold refreshments, and can bob off a hard floor solid. The Rock Bar glass has every one of the highlights we search for in an ordinary drinking glass and it's accessible in an assortment of sizes.

In our testing, the Rock Bar's safety glass withstood frigid temperatures, bubbling water, and other outrageous maltreatment. Stunningly, it didn't break subsequent to being exposed to in excess of 12 counter-stature drops onto a marble floor. In our past tests, it likewise endure a drop from 8 feet onto a tile floor and 3½ feet onto concrete. (Truth be told, this glass is so sturdy, Montessori Services sells a little 2-ounce size for 1-to 2-year-olds.)

Two Bormioli Rock Bar drinking glass stacked over each other.

The Bormioli Rock Bar glasses stack minimalistically without staying. Photograph: Michael Hession

Our analyzers lauded the Rock Bar's "amazing stackability." These glasses home effectively and minimally: When two 12.5-ounce glasses are stacked they measure just 6⅝ inches tall, despite the fact that each glass is 4¾ inches tall. The characterized edge around the border of the glass enables one to delicately roost over another without getting stuck in too firmly. This wasn't the situation with the Duralex Picardie and IKEA Vardagen glasses we tried, which sometimes stayed together when stacked.

Two Rock Bar tumblers loaded up with lemonade.

Beside its strength and usefulness, we think the exemplary structure of the Rock Bar glass makes it fitting for all events. A few of our analyzers enjoyed the adaptability of the glass, saying it would be reasonable for an assortment of drinks, including water, juice, frosted espresso, brew, and wine. The littler 6.75-ounce glass is a pleasant size for coffee, as well. The wide mouth of the Rock Bar glass is wonderful to drink from and it doesn't hit the extension of your nose. Its decreased structure and faceted sides likewise make it simpler to hold.

This immortal bistro-style glass is solid, lightweight, and dishwasher safe.

A nearby of our pick for best drinking glass.

A nearby of our pick for best drinking glass.

The Rock Bar glasses are made in Spain and are accessible in different sizes: 6.75, 9.75, 12.5, 13.25, 16.25, and 22 ounces. (They additionally arrive in an assortment of hues including, ice, peach, and mint). Bormioli even makes Rock Bar shot glasses.

Imperfections yet not dealbreakers

Despite the fact that the Bormioli glasses are amazingly solid, all glass is inalienably fragile. Despite everything you have to treat them with consideration and stack them tenderly. Additionally, it's imperative to recollect that treated glass can, on uncommon events, unexpectedly break in the wake of continuing minor surface harm (see more on why and how this occurs). For tips on the most proficient method to think about your dishes and abstain from breaking, see our consideration and upkeep segment.

A portion of our analyzers felt the bistro styling of this glass looked like dated eatery china. Others favored the structure and said it was great and ageless. China is emotional and everybody's preferences are extraordinary. Regardless of anything else, we prescribe picking glasses that you will appreciate utilizing.

Our analyzers concurred that the somewhat thicker lip and articulated edge around the center of the Rock Bar glass does not have some style contrasted and our redesign pick, the Duralex Picardie glass. Likewise, one of our analyzers said the edge made the Rock Bar glass less agreeable to hold than the Picardie. Be that as it may, the all-inclusive edge is the thing that permits the Rock Bar glasses to stack so well without staying.

None of the glasses we tried were free of minor flaws, for example, an incidental air pocket or swell in the glass. All things considered, the Bormioli had less flaws in the glass than a great part of the challenge.

Spending pick: IKEA 365+ Glasses

Four IKEA 365+ glasses in various sizes.

Photograph: Michael Hession

Spending pick

IKEA 365+

IKEA 365+

A modest yet sturdy drinking glass

The tempered IKEA 365+ glasses are moderate, sturdy, and essentially planned. In our drop tests they fared nearly just as glasses costing five fold the amount.

$7 from IKEA

(set of six)

At about a dollar for every glass, the IKEA 365+ tumbler is a reasonable and strong glass that can withstand the rigors of day by day family use. In our tests, it endure drop after drop onto a marble floor, faring nearly just as our primary pick, the Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar glass. It likewise endure our warm pressure tests and didn't chip when thumped against a marble ledge. Like our principle pick, it's made of safety glass so it tends to be utilized to serve both hot and cold drinks. We think its basic, easygoing structure will fit the stylish of numerous styles of flatware. The 365+ glasses are likewise decreased and stack well without staying.

The IKEA 365+ glass has a plain look that is fitting for ordinary use, yet it's as yet rich enough for progressively formal events. It seems to be like the Duralex Unie glass, which expenses around five fold the amount and demonstrated to be less sturdy in our tests. All things considered, the 365+ glass isn't as wide as some of different picks and comes in less estimates, so it's not perfect for espresso, wine, and mixed drinks. The greater part of our analyzers said they would drink just water or squeeze from this glass. We preferred the decreased state of the 365+ glass, which makes it simpler to hold and stack. One of our analyzers likewise noticed that it feels "very much adjusted."

The IKEA 365+ is sold in sets of six glasses and is accessible in 10 and 15 ounces (we additionally tried the now-inaccessible 6-ounce size, yet didn't care for it since it would seem that a little bowl and has a wide mouth that is clumsy to drink from). A portion of our analyzers felt the 10-ounce glass was excessively little.

The IKEA 365+ glass alongside the IKEA Vardagen glass. The two glasses are nearly a similar size.

Our analyzers additionally loved the IKEA Vardagen glass (right) which is practically indistinguishable from the 365+ glass (left) as far as sturdiness, cost, and size range. Photograph: Michael Hession

The IKEA 365+ glass has a comparable shape to the IKEA Vardagen glass, which our analyzers likewise enjoyed. Nonetheless, some felt it resembled a plastic glass, or something you'd see at a burger joint. Others were attached to its ribbed sides and retro look. In the event that you like the 365+ glass however are pining for more structure detail, the Vardagen glass is almost indistinguishable from the 365+ glass as far as sturdiness, cost, and size range (aside from the littler size arrives in a superior shape). Simply recall that, similar to our other safety glass picks, both the 365+ and Vardagen glasses are solid yet not invulnerable, and will last longest whenever treated with consideration.

Overhaul pick: Duralex Picardie Glasses

Our overhaul pick for best savoring glass four distinct sizes.

Photograph: Michael Hession

Redesign pick

Duralex Picardie

Duralex Picardie

A progressively exquisite generally useful drinking glass

We cherish the look and feel of the great French bistro-style Duralex Picardie glass. This safety glass is somewhat heavier than our primary pick, and at times remains together when stacked, yet its shape is increasingly refined.

$30 from Amazon

(set of six)

$30 from Sur La Table

(set of six)

For those looking for a progressively rich glass for regular use, we prescribe the Duralex Picardie. It's more costly than our different picks, however its molded shape is charming to hold and the slim, marginally flared lip is a joy to drink from. Made of treated glass, the Picardie is solid, and continued drop after drop onto a marble floor without breaking in our tests. It's lightweight enough that lifting is anything but an errand, and it stacks well as well. We believe it's a flexible glass that obliges an assortment of cold and hot refreshments well. It's additionally broadly accessible and sold in a scope of sizes.

In our drop tests, the Picardie wasn't the sole survivor, yet a similar glass endure eight 3-foot drops onto a marble floor (in a past test it even endure a 8-foot fall onto a tile floor). We believe that is still entirely great for something made of glass. Truth be told, the Picardie glasses are strong to the point that Lexi Mainland, an author for the blog A Cup of Joe, even prescribes them for little children.