beyerdynamic MMX 300 Review

Most wired gaming headsets drift in the $50 to $150 territory, and we've seen few a remote models break the $200 stamp. The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is $349, which makes it more than twofold the cost of the fantastic Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset and much pricier than the remote Astro Gaming A50. That is on account of Beyerdynamic is a top of the line earphone organization, not a gaming extra producer, and its family among audiophiles is solid. The MMX 300 is essentially the best-sounding gaming headset we've tried to date, offering a flawless listening knowledge with fabulous stereo imaging and a feeling of room we haven't heard somewhere else in this class. It's our Editors' Choice, yet whether it's the correct headset for you relies upon whether you can legitimize the cost.

Comparable Products


The MMX 300 doesn't resemble a gaming headset. It would appear that a top of the line match of earphones with a blast mic appended. It's totally dark, with extensive, round plastic earcups mounted on anodized metal arms associated with the headband. The arms let the earcups tilt here and there and turn marginally left and ideal for an agreeable fit, however they don't overlap internal for capacity. The headband is liberally cushioned and canvassed in cowhide, and you can evacuate the cushioning because of snare and circle clasp that keep it set up. The earpads are additionally vast and rich, and shrouded in felt. The outcome is an agreeable, strong fit that you can wear for significant lots.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300

The left earcup holds the blast mouthpiece, a froth secured case on an adaptable metal arm. The arm is mounted on the back of the earcup on a plastic circle that can turn almost 360 degrees and has firm snap stops to set the arm position safely.

A recessed 3.5mm port on the base of the left earcup associates with both of the two included sound links. This port can be somewhat finicky, in light of the fact that the attachments on the two links are intended to be clicked in safely, somewhere down in the well holding the port. The attachments are encompassed by delicate elastic, so the firm weight expected to click them in feels somewhat unnatural. In the event that you don't push the module sufficiently profound, despite everything you'll get sound through the earcups, however the mouthpiece won't work; this is a simple fix, yet you should know about the issue.

Adornments and Components

The MMX 300 accompanies a shorter link for interfacing the headset to a cell phone or amusement comfort (through the headset port on the controller) and a more drawn out link for associating with a PC or some other gadget. The shorter link is 3.9 feet long and ends in a four-post 3.5mm fitting. An inline remote sits about a foot down from the earcup and highlights a volume haggle quiet switch. The more extended link is 8.2 feet long and ends in two three-post 3.5mm fittings. It has its own particular in-line remote, which gives indistinguishable capacity from the shorter link's remote however works with the different earphone and receiver associations. This is the first occasion when we've seen an inline remote offered on the more PC link. The two links are thick and durable.

Other than the two links, Beyerdynamic incorporates a hard-shell speed up case and a 0.25-inch earphone connector.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300

The headset consolidates equipment and plan components from Beyerdynamic's fantastic DT 770 Studio earphones for sound quality, studio mouthpieces for the blast mic, and Aviation headsets for commotion disconnection. The DT 770 Studio is significantly less costly than the MMX 300 at $180, yet the organization's gooseneck case mouthpieces (like the Classis GM 105) effectively retail for at any rate $170, and Aviation headsets (like the HS 800) regularly cost upward of $800. Obviously the edge, cushioning, and mouthpiece represent a major piece of the MX 300's sticker price.

Music Performance

The MMX 300 is extremely competent at taking care of music, as you may anticipate from any headset in view of the awesome DT 770 Studio. It plays The Knife's "Quiet Shout," our bass test track, at most extreme volume without a trace of twisting.

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The synth drumbeat in Erasure's "Chains of Love" sounds ground-breaking and thumpy without eclipsing the lilting vocals or console licks. It's a full, clean solid that gives the thick blend a chance to come through without missing any subtle elements, an unmistakable irregularity in frequently bass-overwhelming gaming headsets.

White Zombie's "More Human Than Human" likewise shows amazing measures of intensity and lucidity, with catches flying out with particular sharpness even over the deafening bass drums. While Rob Zombie is no Andy Bell, his vocals are likewise noticeable and simple to get over the grungy metal sound. On these tracks, the MX 300 offers a feeling of room and profundity that other gaming headsets, even the incredible Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset, can't contact.

Diversion and Voice Performance

Star Wars: Battlefront II sounds great on the MMX 300. The soundtrack is full and clearing, and exchange is clear paying little heed to how mad the activity is. The diverse blaster weapons sound particular, and natural sounds like woods animals and slamming spaceships are perfect and point by point. While the headset doesn't have any recreated encompass traps, its stereo imaging gives an awesome feeling of flat bearing.

Forza Motorsport 7 sounds similarly as great. The piercing rev of reduced auto motors comes through obviously against the sound of shrieking tires and rain on windshields. The thunder of autos rolling over unpleasant territory sounds profound and forcing, achieving admirably into the low frequencies to give a decent feeling of intensity and contact.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300

The blast mouthpiece is also phenomenal. Test voice cuts told the truth through clear and, with no sibilance or fluffiness. It's a top of the line mic on a top of the line headset, and will work well for you for both group voice visit and web recordings.


The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is a standout amongst the most great sounding gaming headsets we've ever tried, prevailing over the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset in fabricate and sound quality. It additionally obscures Turtle Beach regarding cost, at a weighty $350. The headset's flying and studio family help to legitimize it, at the end of the day this is an extravagance headset for clients who are both no-nonsense gamers and committed audiophiles. It's a phenomenal decision if its all the same to you spending for it, and our Editors' Choice. In the event that you need a decent gaming sound understanding however would prefer not to pay very as much for it, the Astro Gaming A10 is a magnificent wired headset accessible at a small amount of the cost of the MMX 300.

For a headset that comes at such an exceptional value, we would have anticipated that the beyerdynamic would have completed somewhat better contrasted with whatever remains of the gathering. It costs nearly as much as our three best scoring headsets consolidated and is less agreeable than each of them three. While it does with regards to both sound and receiver quality, however it isn't that vastly improved than huge numbers of alternate items, making it very hard to prescribe.

Contrast with Similar Products

Our Analysis and Test Results


The MMX 300 completed only in front of the Cloud Revolver S and behind the Cloud Stinger. It is less agreeable than both and less advantageous to utilize, however has the best sound quality. It likewise has a superior amplifier than the Cloud Revolver, however coordinated the execution of the Stinger in our mic quality tests.

The beyerdynamic MMX 300.

The beyerdynamic MMX 300.

Execution Comparison

To score and rank these items, we originally needed to figure out which ones even could be delegated the best gaming headset. We did this by taking a gander at the same number of different surveys and client encounters we could discover, at that point picked the best models to buy and test every one of those headsets no holds barred. Our testing procedure is separated up into four weighted rating measurements, with the beyerdynamic's outcomes beneath.

The MMX 300 can deal with vast ears.

The MMX 300 can deal with vast ears.


In charge of the biggest lump of the general score at 40%, being agreeable is the most vital trademark for these items. We scored every item on the sentiments of a board of analyzers that wore every one of these headsets for an entire day on the off chance that they weren't excessively awkward. Shockingly, our gathering of clients wasn't excessively enchanted with the beyerdynamic, gaining it a 5 out of 10 for its dreary outcomes.
This headset has completely monster ear containers, so there weren't any issues with it cramping your ears, however it tended to crush the larger part of our analyzers' heads in an awkward way.

The MMX 300 fit tight against the skull.

The MMX 300 fit tight against the skull.

This implied the greater part of them threw in the towel wearing these headsets following 3 or 4 hours, considering it far excessively offensive, making it impossible to keep wearing. Just a single of our analyzers was fine wearing them for an entire day.

An agreeable headset will keep you grinning through your gaming undertakings.

An agreeable headset will keep you grinning through your gaming undertakings.

The headband on the MMX 300 is cushioned and secured with leatherette. Shockingly, it doesn't feel fantastically tight when you initially put it on, particularly with the primary protestation with this item being it over-presses your head.

The MMX 300 had numbers to get equivalent change on each side of the headset.

The MMX 300 had numbers to get equivalent modification on each side of the headset.

It has semi-firm cushioning in the ear mugs, canvassed in velvet, however this wasn't sufficient to subside the exorbitant weight. Be that as it may, we found that the velvet ear containers are very pleasant, despite the fact that they had a tendency to get a little damp with sweat when playing in hotter rooms.

The MMX 300 had incredible sound quality.

The MMX 300 had incredible sound quality.


The MMX 300 made up for itself in our sound quality test, which is worth 30% of the aggregate score, procuring a 8 out of 10 for its stellar execution. We took a gander at how both voice and music sounded through the beyerdynamic, and additionally how effectively you could recognize the starting point of a sound and how it did in a suite of committed sound benchmarking tests.

This headset completes an amazing activity of playing back other players' voices, reproducing them as though they were sitting opposite you in a similar room. It is dependably completely clear and effortlessly reasonable — keeping pace with the best headsets that we have seen.

It did similarly well when tuning in to music or the soundtrack from an amusement, conveying especially very much adjusted sound, again coordinating the execution of the other best items. The beyerdynamic proceeded with its predominance in our benchmarking tests, conveying blasting bass with just a little measure of parasitic buzz in our bass quality test and having very much coordinated drivers completely through the recurrence range in our jumper coordinating test.

Proceeding onward to how it managed position, the beyerdynamic again did, of course now. It conveyed a relatively culminate execution in our binaural benchmarking test yet completed somewhat more regrettable with our in-amusement testing. Our analyzers could accurately recognize the area of in-amusement sounds about a fraction of the time, regardless of whether it was tranquil strides or moving toward airplane.

We additionally preferred that the MMX 300 sift through unwanted foundation commotion, similar to individuals talking or a fan running, decreasing it by around 40% for voices and around 15% or so for background noise.

The MMX 300 had a standout amongst other mics.

The MMX 300 had a standout amongst other mics.


Proceeding onward to the receiver test, the beyerdynamic again did, coordinating its score in the sound tests with another 8 out of 10 — tying for the best spot generally. This headset completes a fabulous activity getting your voice, with a portion of the general population we played with continually being the most energized when we utilized this headset. Your voice runs over clear and near reality, with the main slight mutilation being an insignificant speaking with a softer tone. There were additionally some little measures of fluff and criticism. In any case, these were just negligible issues and we were overwhelmed in our sibilant sound and hard "t" tests — much superior to anything most of the headsets we tried.

The MMX 300's mic had an incredible scope of movement.

The MMX 300's mic had an awesome scope of movement.

This item likewise does exceptionally well at sifting through foundation commotions on the off chance that somebody wasn't talking, absolutely sifting through the hints of composing and to a great degree decreasing the clamors of a fan running or on the off chance that you were eating. Tragically, it completes a too great job at getting voice, grabbing each side discussion around you, regardless of whether it is occurring 10-15 ft. away.

The volume control for the MMX 300.

The volume control for the MMX 300.


For our last arrangement of test, we took a gander at how much function it is to utilize every headset once a day and if there are an especially irritating qualities. The MMX 300 did genuinely well, acquiring a 5 out of 10 for its widely appealing execution in these tests, which represent the remaining 10% of the aggregate score.

This model has inline controls, enabling you to change the volume and quiet the mic without utilizing your console, and also a couple of different catches for media control, tolerating calls, and briefly quieting the mic.

The in-line controls of the MMX 300 are straightforward.

The in-line controls of the MMX 300 are straightforward.

Be that as it may, the line is a bit on the short side, confining your movement and the change to quiet the mic can't without much of a stretch be hit rapidly.

Separable links are an or more particularly if a pup bites through it you can supplant it without purchasing another headset. (It happens)

Separable links are an or more, particularly if a pup bites through it, you can supplant it without purchasing another headset. (It occurs)

The link is separable — and replaceable — however there is no real way to initiate a mic sidetone or disconnect the mic.


The beyerdynamic is a horrendous esteem, scoring underneath a bunch of headsets that cost several dollars less.


It is difficult to prescribe the beyerdynamic MMX 300 with its not as much as recognized execution and its over the top sticker price. It has incredible sound and receiver capacities, however so do headsets that expense a lot less.