The Best 18 Skateboard Helmets

Cheerful New Year individuals and in the event that you are as yet searching for the best skateboard cap, this article is for you.

It's been since a long time ago I've posted anything about skateboards, so I thought to share a portion of the best skateboard protective caps that we've handpicked in view of our examination.

Since wellbeing is our first concern regardless of what movement we do, you should consider it a genuine and long haul speculation and ought not falter in the event that you need to spend a couple of additional bucks for a quality item.

Set aside your opportunity to experience these protective caps and choose best from the bests.

Master Tec Classic Certified Skateboard Helmet

You either pay for a quality item or go home. Master Tec Classic Helmet is certifiably not an insignificant mortal you're managing. This thing is made to secure your head regardless of how quick you are skating.

Regardless of whether it be knocks or harsh fall offs while skating, you don't have to stress with this protective cap on your head. It is made with the most recent innovation that can ingest low and high effects.

Another irritating thing that occurs amid skateboarding is sweat stumbling down our face and diverting us. Master Tec has a wicking liner worked in the head protector that keeps sweat from trickling all over, consequently enabling you to keep up your core interest.

Furthermore, this item comprises of 11 expansive vents for better warmth ventilation and keeping your head cool. In addition, it is lightweight, flexible and agreeable and can be utilized as a part of different games.

The fundamental shell is formed inside with 2-organize froth liner that offers better assurance against low effects and knocks.

This thing meets all CPSC, NZ and ASTM security benchmarks and the froth liner passes all wellbeing measures and testing.

Along these lines, regardless of how quick you skate your board in the city or down the slope, you can confide in this cap for a definitive security you require.


Meets all wellbeing benchmarks

Offer most extreme effect ingestion

Accompanies nylon-webbed lashes for included wellbeing

11 all around put vents to keep your head cool


While picking size, you have to pick a size greater than the present one

Its matte complete, if gets scratches, gets excessively obvious

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

Triple Eight is a jazzy and well known cerebrum saver elastic protective cap that comes in two premium hues, EPS hard froth and sweatsaver innovation. It is intended to withstand a wide range of effects and fits consummately on your head.

Its hard froth variant is CPSC confirmed and could be utilized for different games like bicycling. This item is made uncommonly for the individuals who love each day freeride. Inside it is a terrycloth liner that wicks sweats and keeps it from dribbling all over or perhaps going inside your eyes.

In addition, it is very much ventilated and the assimilated sweat inevitably vanishes and doesn't desert any frightful scent.

Despite the fact that it must be noticed that the stun retaining hard elastic would steadily split from impacts, assuming any, and would turn out to be less productive for resulting impacts. Try not to need to stress, regardless you'll be protected to ride. Moreover, its sweatsaver is composed as multi-affect cap, which implies, regardless of various spills, this cap will in any case secure your head.

Try to pick the correct size when purchasing this thing. In general, it is an agreeable and flexible security hardware with multi-affect configuration made to last more and meet every one of your desires.


Progressed multi-affect outline

Movable tie

Triple eight redid logo bolts with sweatsaver liner inside

Great ventilation to keep your head cool while skating


While it is 100% ensured to shield your head from all effect, it doesn't meet CPSC, ASTM or NZ affirmation

The plastic outwardly of the shell is somewhat thin, however it won't break effortlessly

Punisher Skateboards Pro Series 13-Vent Dual Safety Certified

This is a one size fits all head protector with a to a great degree reasonable cost and accompanies 3 cushion sets that can be changed to get the ideal fit. It highlights 12 air cooling vents to keep your take chill and dry the perspiration the its sweatsaver retains while you are skating.

It has ABS Shell with Gray EPS Impact Absorption Liner that offers the best security against all substantial and light effects. The protective cap likewise includes a brisk discharge clasp with fast turn tie change so you can without much of a stretch take it off or fix it. It is a rock solid nylon lash and won't break effortlessly like the modest models.

This item meets all the ASTM F-1492 and CPSC-1203 security guidelines. You can confide in this wellbeing hardware for your head insurance against all effects.

It has a lovely splendid neon blue shading that sparkles oblivious and 12-vent air cooling vents to keep your head cool while skating. Inside its primary shell are 3-warm fixed removable froth cushions. You can evacuate them to fit the protective cap as a little, medium or expansive. This makes it a one size fits all!

Generally speaking, this thing comes at a genuinely sensible cost and is made to shield you from a wide range of effects.


Double wellbeing standard

12-vent air cooling vents to keep your head cool while skating

Accessible in 9 lovely shading choices

Reasonable cost


While the jaw ties are speedy off or on, they are to some degree hard to utilize

Triple Eight 3037 Dual Certified, Small/Medium, All Black Rubber

Triple Eight is a reasonable confirmed head protector with a tough development and is adroitly designed and custom fitted to meet all your security prerequisites. It's otherwise called the best multi impacts head protectors, on account of its one of a kind outline and unmatchable quality.

The organization likewise produces first class skateboards and long boarding packs.

The Triple Eight highlights an external shell and a perspiration saver liner within so no perspiration trickles all over and occupies you from your ride or make you awkward.

It is the plan of the cap that makes it incredible and novel from its rivals. The side cut is extremely polished and looks awesome on the head and furthermore includes a tweaked triple eight logo bolts. It's likewise legitimately ventilated that vanishes/dry out the perspiration and forestall smell or microbes.

You'll additionally get an impeccable fit on account of its 360-degree fold over outline and this guarantees there is no liner division in its inside.

It conforms to U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for bike head protectors for people age 5 and more established in addition to the ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards for Skateboarding. In addition, CE EN 1078 for pedal cyclists, skateboarders and roller skaters consistent and AS/NZS 2063 for bike head protectors agreeable.

It accompanies 2 sets of fit cushions just in the event that you require an alter fit.


Double Certified item


Triple eight modified logo bolts

Reasonable cost


No downsides

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

Rarely you know about a full face cap for skateboarding. Or on the other hand isn't that right? Indeed, the triple 8 downhill racer cap is one of those which is serenely low weight and gives extensively better secure in case of an effect.

In spite of the fact that one may state that for what reason not pick a basic bike head protector? To be completely forthright, those are ludicrously substantial and you aren't much doing any physical action while riding a cruiser.

Ideal out of the crate, this thing has offers an impeccable fit and most extreme insurance against a wide range of effects and not at all like some shabby head protectors whose productivity would blur after two or three effects, this cap can manage consequent effects effortlessly.

Its inside has been overhauled with a specific end goal to address all issues of downhill skaters and furthermore to pass CPSC and ASTM accreditation. Obviously, it has a really durable development that brings you into certainty the minute you put it on your head.

The main thing you'll abhor about Triple 8 racer fullface protective cap is its tinted visor and in the event that you are a successive night rider, it can be entirely more hazardous. By and large, its visor is magnificent and the tint additionally decreases glare and low mutilation optics for an extraordinary sight.


An incredible full face head protector offers better assurance against a wide range of effects

Fit for bearing ensuing effects regardless of how hard it hits the ground

Durable development which is made to keep going for a considerable length of time to come

While it is made smooth and in vogue, it likewise secures your mind and face


Tinted visor, not ideal for evening skating

TSG Pass Helmet

A few people need security and takes a gander in the meantime and TGS Pass Helmet is one of those marvels. While it is to a great degree light in weight, it looks alluring in the city and is a full face head protector.

Not at all like numerous head protectors, it doesn't have any EPS froth noticeable around the edges of its shell and furthermore includes attractive cheek cushions that makes cleaning less demanding and furthermore accompanies liner for included comfortable fit.

Notwithstanding, its complete around mouthpiece is somewhat defective and you must be cautious while picking the size.

Its venting framework merits saying here that helps keep your head cool. Likewise, on the off chance that you want to wear your most loved goggles, you can. On account of its roomy front opening that enables you to do as such.

Its liner feels to a great degree agreeable the minute you wear it and notwithstanding when close soaked with sweat on more sweltering days, you won't experience any difficulty wearing it and riding out the road. You'll additionally adore its twofold D-ring conclusion framework.

When contrasted with different items at a similar cost, its jaw monitor has enough flex and breezes through the squeezer test and along these lines builds your general certainty level when riding out and about.


Exactness fabricating with greatest perceivability

Hostile to mist covering and immaculate size fit so you feel good when riding in the city or speeding down the slope

Global Downhill Federation Certified and fixed with EPS affect froth

Accompanies 2 circularly adjusted visors, one electric silver and one clear




JBM Helmet is intended for multi-sports exercises like cycling, skateboarding, BMX biking, inline and roller skating. With regards to wellbeing, you can confide in this brand as it is CPSC ASTM confirmed and is prepared to hold up under a wide range of contacts effortlessly without breaking.

It accompanies flexible ties and three size varieties. You can physically modify these ties and side clasp if the size feels too tight or free and skate easily.

Its effect opposition capacities with hostile to stun working merit specifying here. This likewise indicates how truly the brand deals with your security. JBM cap is developed from the most astounding quality hard shell with intense and solid PVC and PC with EPS froth that shields your head from coordinate effects and productively ingests impacts.

Generally speaking, it has an extraordinary ventilation because of its streamlined plan with various vents that keeps up a sound stream of air as your ride.


Viable effect obstruction with a tough shell and delicate liner for most extreme assimilation

Appropriate ventilation to keep your head cool while riding

Flexible ties made for a flawless fit

Multi-sports outfit. Perfect for skateboarding, roller skating, inline skating, bike, rollerblading, two-wheel electronic board and longboards


Movable ties aren't tough. Must be utilized with mind

Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

The Bern protective cap is mainstream for its tough external shell which is developed from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) polymer which gives it unrivaled quality and sturdiness. This shell is basically solid and sufficiently solid and is fit to deal with the hardest effects without breaking and furthermore securing your head in the meantime.

Execution insightful this cap is first rate and will guarantee most extreme security and has a decent ventilation on account of its 11 vents that keeps your head dry. These vents really complete an extremely awesome activity.

By and large, it has a strong shell with a pleasant weave winter liner and has been tried to hold up under the hardest effects and ensure your head and has an a la mode look that will influence the heads to turn out and about.


Accessible in numerous shading choices

Thinshell EPS froth which is sturdy and dependable

Hard visor plan with a remarkable ventilation

To a great degree agreeable and upscale


Somewhat costly

ProRider BMX Bike and Skate

This is the BMX write protective cap ideal for children, youth and grown-ups and comes at an exceptionally sensible cost with some tempting highlights. It's not your common skateboard cap but rather an exemplary multi-sports head protector with additional hard external shell for most extreme security out and about.

Appropriate ventilation vents have been coordinated to keep your head cool and guarantee that perspiration dries out rapidly without deserting any terrible smell.

The tough polyester lashes with snappy discharge clasp merit specifying and enables you to safely fit on your head.

For extra alteration, it has cushioned additions for culminate fitting.


Meets all the wellbeing guidelines

Appropriate ventilation and tough plan

Hard external shell

Polyester lashes


Configuration is to some degree very little appealing

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport

The Razor V-17 accompanies bleeding edge security made for youth and is a multi-reason protective cap. It has a smooth and snazzy outline and arrives in an extensive variety of shading alternatives. The outfitted inside has cushioning that makes it agreeable and secure.

It likewise includes walloping 17 best and side vents to keep your head cool and accompanies side discharge clasps for tweaked alterations.


Offers greatest security

Ideal for youth and children

Made for a long time 8 to 14 and is CPSC agreeable



May be expansive for kids age 8 or 9

Wacko – Patterned Street Bike Helmet for Adults

You can wear a common protective cap yet with Nutcase on your head, you'll feel sheltered as well as sure when riding your board. It fits your head consummately and has a remarkable dial framework to change in accordance with your ideal fit.

The item is likewise guaranteed for biking and skating and is greatly light in weight with numerous venting framework that keeps you cool all through and makes your drive agreeable and pleasant.


Most extreme security for your head

Lightweight and ventilated

One of a kind dial in framework for simple alteration

Accessible in different shading alternatives



Basic Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi Sport

While it is anything but a full face yet has enough face covering external shell that gives you the vibe of a full face head protector. It is US CPSC security standard tried and endorsed and accompanies 11 cooling vents that keeps you agreeable and furthermore accompanies 2 sets of removable cushions for a flawless fit.

In general, it keeps your head secured and is a multi-reason protective cap that comes in delightful tints and suites your identity.


Measuring is great

US CPSC Safety standard tried and affirmed

Numerous shading alternatives

Multi-reason item


No downsides

Punisher Skateboards 11-Vent Multi-Sport

Since we as a whole love cool illustrations on our cap, the Punisher protective caps are one of those that have some cool designs implanted on the external shell and looks greatly up-to-date.

Its medium size is ideal for a very long time 5+ and can be utilized by children of the age up to 14 years. You won't need to stress over the security as its ABS plastic shell with dark EPS froth liner is CPSC wellbeing standard agreeable.


Flexible jaw ties for tweaked fit

11 cooling vents

Hard external shell

Cool illustrations on the external shell


It's somewhat huge and adjusted

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi Sport

A double ensured cap (CPSC and ASTM Certified) and is multi-reason. Along these lines, regardless of whether you adore skateboarding, bicycling, longboarding, roller, bike or pogoing, this cap is made for you. It comes in seven unique hues and plan alternatives.

It has a strong external shell with EPS froth inward coating and shields your head from those substantial effects while offering you an agreeable cozy fit. Additionally, it has a turn dial on the back for an immaculate and safe fit.


CPSC and ASTM security confirmed

Accessible in different shading choice

Movable turn dial for an immaculate fit


A couple of hues and outline choices are exceptionally costly

Kryptonics Step Up Large/XLarge – Purple

Kryptonics is a famous brand that produces a portion of the best skateboard caps. It is in a perfect world made for children and youth and meets all the security models to offer the largest amount of assurance to your children.

In spite of the fact that the cap has exceptionally constrained shading choices however generally speaking, it fits splendidly on the head, offers appropriate ventilation and comes at an extremely reasonable cost.


An impeccable and sturdy item for kids

Agreeable fit

Legitimate ventilation

Cushioned inside


No disadvantages

Krash Vector Victor

Krash Vector Victor Helmet is CPSC and ASTM affirmed and it's anything but a conventional head protector. An extremely remarkable and a la mode protective cap with cool illustrations and some additional adornments that will influence the heads to turn.

This thing has a stun engrossing EPS internal shell that ensures your head and highlights streamlined cooling vents. In addition, it has formed 3D plan that gives it an additional cool look. The nylon lashes modify for an incredible fit.


CPSC and ASTM affirmed

Strong stun and effect engrossing EPS inward shell

Ready to withstand resulting impacts

Cool shaped 3D plan


The plastic on the external shell isn't strong

Cross Vigilis 2-in-1

Cross Vigilis is a standout amongst the most solid head protectors available with 14 vents for appropriate ventilation and accompanies stun retaining EPS inside and a sturdy ABS shell outside. You can without much of a stretch change it to your tweaked fit.

It additionally has removable rich ear covers for warmth amid winter and helps in more insurance. Inside the head protector are replaceable froth pieces for a flawless customizable. In general, it is an excellent review head protector, made to last more and offer most extreme insurance.


14 cooling vents

Effortlessly flexible

Goggle clasp to keep the eyewear unblemished

Tough and affirmed


Jaw tie difficult to modify

Power AUDIO HELMETS – Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

The time has come to advance up your diversion with your most loved music. The VIGOR protective cap accompanies worked in Bluetooth speakers and is a triple affirmed cap guaranteeing most extreme wellbeing. This cap is additionally multi-reason and improves your activity sports with your most loved music out of sight.

Inside this item are two arrangements of exchangeable cushions that gives you a custom fit with movable cam bolts on lashes with no-squeeze attractive clasp measure.


US SPSC bike and worldwide ASTM skateboard security standard tried and affirmed

Multi-reason protective cap

Worked in Bluetooth speakers with remarkable outcomes

Accompanies two arrangements of compatible cushions for custom fit

Appropriate ventilation


No downsides

Skateboard Helmet Buying Guide

While knowing the best alternatives accessible available is essential, yet what to pick and how to pick is significantly more vital.

Here is a guide that will enable you to pick the correct skateboard cap for you.

Before we start, I would feature a tragic reality that a significant number of us consider skateboard cap as a thing that doesn't merit a ton of venture. We endeavor to spare our cash, while it is the most essential apparatus of our skateboard riding. I would very prescribe to contribute a couple of additional bucks for a decent item instead of gambling yourself.


The most vital thing I consider is fitting of the protective cap. You can't purchase a protective cap of the wrong fitting and waste your opportunity and cash on returns and reorders.

To precisely gauge the size for your head protector is by utilizing an estimating tape. Begin by estimating approx. 2.5cm over your eyebrows or temple and around the total outline of the head.
This will give you an impeccable fitting and subsequently will keep you from picking the wrong size.

Diverse Types of Helmet and Which One to Choose


While there is a standard skateboard protective cap compose yet here are a couple of various accessible available you can likewise look over:

Full Face

These are the best kinds of caps that offer the most elevated amount of security out and about. Since your whole face is secured, there is no possibility that your head or any piece of your jaw hits the ground in the event of an effect. This one is ideal for the individuals who love forceful riding.

Children and Youth

For kids, protective caps from Wiggle go are the best. On the off chance that you are purchasing skating gear for your young one, I'll very prescribe Wiggle protective caps. They are the best known for wellbeing benchmarks.


As the name infers, these head protectors have exceptionally awesome looks, they are to a great degree light in weight, amazingly vented with race family includes yet are extremely costly.


These head protectors are accessible in full face and open face. The full forms offer a considerable measure of security and takes care of the considerable number of requests of BMX hustling though the open face are made for flatland riding and earth bouncing.

Trail blazing Bike Helmets

For additional scope, awesome ventilation and maintenance, the off-road bicycle caps are splendidly composed with such highlights. In the event that you adore the declining skating, this is the protective cap you require.

Time Trial

For time touchy hustling, you'll require the time preliminary protective cap. The principle advantage of this cap is to furnish you streamlined advantages alongside security when the clock is ticking.

Air Road Helmets

This is another write presented in the market which lies between preliminary head protector and vented cap and is pleasantly intended to furnish you without breaking a sweat of development, lightweight and minimal size alongside streamlined preferences.

Street Helmets

These kind of caps are multi-reason and can be utilized for sports other than skateboarding like cycling, bicycle riding, and so on.


In spite of the fact that clearly head protectors are intended to give you wellbeing yet it is essential that you guarantee it is 100% safe and will ensure insurance. It must be made of a solid plastic external shell and ought to have a hard elastic inward shell that can withstand the effects and ensuing effects.



Since we as a whole effortlessly get occupied by the perspiration trickling down the face as we skate, and this may bring about a fall over or potentially lose the adjust while wicking it off with our sleeves, appropriate ventilation and sweat saver is important.

Ensure the cap you pick has appropriate ventilation so your head stays cool all through the ride and keeps up your attention on adjusting while at the same time riding or performing traps.

Lashes and Retention System

lashes and maintenance framework

The exact opposite thing to search for in your head protector is the lashes and maintenance framework. Lashes help to keep the cap firmly unblemished while enabling you to effortlessly open your mouth to talk, drink or eat that chocolate bar.

With regards to lashes, the ones which make an angular shape underneath the ear projection is an unquestionable requirement have. You can pick head protectors with typical ties.

At long last, the maintenance framework ought to likewise be considered. You should have the capacity to effortlessly modify it to your steady fit

Additionally ensure the protective cap has enough cushioning so it is agreeable to wear and retain the perspiration. A few head protectors accompany removable cushioning and this enables you to effectively wash your cap and keep it clean.

Why You Should Wear a Skateboard Helmet?


Regardless of how proficient skateboarder you are. The minute you advance on your board; you are gambling yourself since the control is no longer in your feet however the board. Regardless of whether you have never smashed since the time you've begun to skate, you never know when you'll crash. It's better that your head never knows how hard cement is

You may not be a forceful rider but rather even at moderate speed you can fall and a delicate effect can severely harm your sensitive skull. Your wrist or neckline bone can recuperate effortlessly yet the mind can't

Continuously ensure that you purchase a skateboard protective cap and not a standard one. Each protective cap is commonly intended for a particular games in view of the physical action it requires and the level of wellbeing it needs

Ensure your protective cap is guaranteed and meets all the security norms. A rebellious protective cap might be great and solid yet not dependable

Various Things To Consider

shading designs

Shading: If you are an excessively exacting individual, run with a few brands who offer different shading choices. I've recorded down different caps which have in excess of 10+ shading alternatives to look over. The vast majority of the wheat are restricted to a few hues as it were

Designs: While protective caps have the brand logo however some accompany in vogue illustrations and neon like highlights with some additional cost. You can pay additional and get them


Along these lines, that is it kindred skaters. Fill me in regarding whether you require help with anything. I'll gladly answer your questions in the remark segment underneath.