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The Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro  our Editors' Choice award winner.
On the chase for a nourishment processor or little chopper that is better than the rest? After painstakingly assessing more than 70 distinctive sustenance processors and many nourishment choppers, we picked the most encouraging — 10 full-estimate models and 3 nourishment choppers — to buy and test one next to the other to see which one is really the best. We cut and diced a wide range of create, blended pie outside layer mixture, destroyed cheddar and carrots, and pureed hummus to perceive what every one of these kitchen apparatuses are extremely prepared to do, and also assessing the comfort and simplicity of cleaning every one. Investigate the full survey to see which nourishment processor and small scale chopper rule and which ones are the best wager when shopping on a tight spending plan.

For this refresh, we chose to include a trio of sustenance choppers to our survey, as there hasn't been anything new or especially encouraging for full-measure nourishment processors in a while. Subsequent to inquiring about handfuls and many diverse smaller than usual choppers — both manual and mechanized — we picked the three most encouraging sustenance choppers to test no holds barred, looking at their execution at slashing and mincing tomatoes, onions, almonds, cilantro, garlic, and carrots, and also their simplicity of cleaning. At last, we had an unmistakable champ: the Ninja Express Chop NJ110GR. Continue perusing to perceive how it did against the others or look at its individual survey here.

Asserting the best spot out of the whole gathering, the Sous Chef 16 Pro by Breville effectively won our Editors' Choice Award and guaranteed the title of Best Food Processor. This choice kitchen apparatus exceeded expectations no matter how you look at it in the greater part of our tests, making probably the most equally cut and consistently cleaved create. Its ground-breaking, 1200 watt engine blended batter with no battle and it is both advantageous and simple to utilize and clean.

Lamentably, this top notch execution accompanies a superior cost and this item will set your financial plan back a lot. The genuine base is very substantial in its own particular right and can take up a huge lump of your counter space when joined with the case that holds the majority of its frill. Be that as it may, it is unquestionably our most loved sustenance processor we have seen to date and our best suggestion — on the off chance that you can manage the cost of it!

Upset at the $350+ sticker price on the Breville? Scanning for a quality processor that won't punch a gap in your financial plan? At that point look no more distant than the Cuisinart Custom 14. This strong kitchen machine guaranteed the sprinter up position and a Best Buy Award for its extraordinary execution over the heft of our tests, all while retailing for not as much as half of what the Sous Chef 16 Pro does. It cuts deliver to a great degree equitably and purees smooth plunges and spread.

Be that as it may, the cutting edges for destroying and cutting aren't flexible, which means you may need to buy extra edges on the off chance that you aren't content with the span of the included ones and it isn't exactly as ground-breaking at blending denser mixtures. In spite of these downsides, this is the ideal alternative in the event that you need an extraordinary, all-around sustenance processor without destroying your financial plan.

On the off chance that you are hoping to spend not exactly a $100, at that point the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup is your most solid option. This modest model can basically stand its ground with the past two items with regards to pureeing plunges or slashing produce. Over that, its cutting and destroying execution isn't excessively decrepit either.

Be that as it may, the weaker engine struggles a considerable amount when blending batters and makes the whole unit shake brutally. This model additionally spilled when loaded with water in our test, so you ought to most likely avoid utilizing it for formulas that call for fundamentally fluid fixings. Notwithstanding these defects, despite everything it is by a long shot the best nourishment processor when shopping on a tight spending plan.

On the off chance that you instantly shrug off the cost and ledge space related with a full-estimate sustenance processor, at that point you might need to consider the Ninja Express Chop. It is by a wide margin our most loved smaller than expected chopper that we have tried, far beating the rest, all while being extraordinarily helpful and simple to utilize. It can mince garlic as fine as you could need, rapidly and advantageously slashes cilantro or onions, costs a small amount of what a full-estimate machine would cost, and just takes up a modest piece of room on your ledge.

Be that as it may, this little apparatus can't verge on coordinating the adaptability of the bigger models, basically constrained to hacking, mincing, and pureeing sustenance and offering considerably less control than the bigger models, as there are no preset or planned capacities. It can't cut or shred, however in the event that you need a helpful and simple to utilize small chopper for fast kitchen undertakings without using up every last cent, the Ninja is an amazing decision.

Examination and Test Results

We purchased all the best nourishment chopper and sustenance processors available today and contrasted their execution next to each other with pick our victors. For the full-estimate processors, we isolated up our testing procedure into six diverse weighting measurements — Chopping, Mixing, Pureeing, Shredding, Slicing, and Cleaning — scoring the execution of every item from 0-100. Sustenance choppers cost fundamentally less and take up way less ledge space than the full-measure machines, yet are substantially more restricted in their capacities and don't cut as reliably. Instead of scoring them like alternate models, we positioned their relative execution and utilized that to choose our victor.

Set on a Full-Size Food Processor?

On the off chance that you are sure that a smaller than expected nourishment chopper isn't for you, click here to hop straightforwardly to our examination of the full-estimate models.

Sustenance Choppers

After our far reaching examination, we chose that the accompanying smaller than usual sustenance choppers had the most potential: our top pick, the Ninja Express Chop, the Cuisinart CTG-00-SCHP, and the BLACK+DECKER HC150B. Of these three, the Ninja Express Chop is an obvious over the rest and the just a single of these three that we would feel great to suggest.

The Ninja is our total most loved sustenance chopper.

The Ninja is our total most loved sustenance chopper.

To look at their execution and rank them, we entrusted every nourishment chopper with cleaving almonds, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and carrots, and additionally their simplicity of cleaning.

The Cuisinart battled a little when entrusted with hacking carrots.

The Cuisinart battled a little when entrusted with slashing carrots.

Tomatoes and Carrots

Beginning off, we tried how well every small scale kitchen machine did at cleaving up half of a tomato and an entire carrot. The manual Cuisinart shocked us by really doing the best at cleaving the tomatoes, scarcely beating the Ninja by having a somewhat more reliably measured and cleaner hack. The BLACK+DECKER fared ineffectively, totally disfiguring the tomatoes and coming up short at either cleaving or pureeing them, just prevailing with regards to influencing a tomato to mush sprinkled with extensive lumps. None of these items are stunning at cleaving tomatoes, so you may be ideally serviced by a kitchen cut on the off chance that you need the cleanest, most equitably slashed tomatoes.

The BLACK+DECKER completely disfigured the tomatoes.

The BLACK+DECKER completely disfigured the tomatoes.

The Ninja effectively asserted the best spot in our carrot hacking challenge, making short work of the carrot and rapidly slashing it in consistently estimated little pieces, with just a couple of remote bigger lumps. The BLACK+DECKER did about normal, while the Cuisinart battled impressively. The carrot pieces continued stalling out in the cutting edges, constraining us to dismantle and clean the chopper intermittently to proceed.

The Ninja completed a worthy employment at mincing some garlic cloves.

The Ninja completed a satisfactory activity at mincing some garlic cloves.

Onions and Garlic

Proceeding onward to our next arrangement of create slashing assessments, we experimented with every sustenance chopper with half of an onion and 3 cloves of garlic, intending to equitably cleave the onion and finely mince the garlic. The Cuisinart again did the best at cleaving the onion, with the Ninja appropriate on its foot rear areas. Nonetheless, it must be a quite little onion for the Cuisinart to fit the whole half-onion in there and is the main sustenance chopper of the gathering that can slash an onion into bigger pieces — both mechanized models delivered a significantly better hack with a considerably bigger spread of sizes.

In the event that you need impeccably hacked onions you are most likely happier with a gourmet specialist's blade over any of these apparatuses.

On the off chance that you need superbly cleaved onions, you are most likely happier with a cook's blade over any of these apparatuses.

A similar example followed in our minced garlic assessment. It took significantly more and more exertion with the hand-controlled Cuisinart, yet the garlic unquestionably held the best shading and your understanding is as far as possible on how fine you can mince the garlic.

The Cuisinart saved the shade of the garlic the best.

The Cuisinart saved the shade of the garlic the best.

The Ninja didn't create garlic very as finely slashed, while the BLACK+DECKER somewhat stained the garlic and gave it a more beaten appearance, contrasted with the neatly cut pieces from the other two choppers.
The Ninja is the main smaller than expected chopper that we have tried that dealt with the cilantro effectively.

The Ninja is the main smaller than normal chopper that we have tried that took care of the cilantro effortlessly.

Almonds and Cilantro

The Ninja Express Chop commanded our last two slashing tests, guaranteeing the best spot for both. It did the best employment of really cleaving the almonds into little pieces, as opposed to totally wrecking them into dust — however there were a couple of leftover entire almonds after 6 beats. The Cuisinart came straightaway, by and large substantially more of an issue to utilize and compelling us to stop and clean the cutting edges intermittently to free any almonds that ended up stuck. The BLACK+DECKER didn't generally do that well, leaving the most entire almonds out of any item.

These models left some entire almonds flawless however the Ninja did the best at adjusting slashing the most without turning a portion of the almonds to clean.

These models left some entire almonds flawless, yet the Ninja did the best at adjusting cleaving the most without turning a portion of the almonds to clean.

The Ninja is the special case that really hacked the cilantro — the BLACK+DECKER transformed the cilantro into a mush while the Cuisinart left huge amounts of entire deserts and ravaged the abandons it chopped to a comparative level as the BLACK+DECKER.

Simplicity of Cleaning

The BLACK+DECKER is the simplest of the gathering to clean by hand, as the various edge stacks on the Ninja make it hard to manage without cutting yourself and the Cuisinart's outline makes it relatively difficult to satisfactorily clean the sharp edges by hand. Notwithstanding, these items are altogether evaluated as being dishwasher-safe (except for the mechanized bases, obviously!), which mitigated a significant part of the danger of getting cut by the Ninja when cleaning. Sadly, we found the sharp edges on the Cuisinart don't get all that clean in the dishwasher, so hope to invest a lot of energy cleaning this item to keep leftover nourishment from aggregating and spoiling — one of the principle reasons we are hesitant to suggest the Cuisinart.

A portion of the best sustenance processors you can get today.

A portion of the best sustenance processors you can get today.

Sustenance Processors

We burned through two months pushing the cutoff points of the 10 best nourishment processors out there to see which models ended up as the winner. We directed near 25 particular tests all through this audit. gathered into six weighted measurements: cleaving, destroying, cutting, blending, pureeing, and cleaning. The amassed execution in these zones decided the general score, extending from 0-100.

Our tests went from hacking onions to checking if the dishes spilled to figure out which models were deserving of honors … and which ones not really. We suggest that you center around the measurements that most nearly coordinate your planned utilize, and select a machine that exceeds expectations in those zones. These are multi-reason machines, and keeping in mind that we offered honors to the best generally machines, you might be ideally serviced by a model that exceeds expectations in the specific metric that is the majority important to you. The areas underneath give a nitty gritty breakdown of how every nourishment processor contrasted with its companions.


The Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro stand route over the rest as far as execution — and, tragically, in cost also. It's the unchallenged elite with regards to these items, yet normally retails for $300-$400. The subsequent stage down in both cost and execution is the Cuisinart Custom 14, retailing for about $150 and acquiring the second place position generally speaking. Be that as it may, you may need to buy extra cutting and destroying circles on the off chance that you aren't content with the included alternatives, as they aren't customizable. In the event that this match of nourishment processors are still excessively expensive, at that point you may need, making it impossible to consider the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup. There is a noteworthy drop in execution, yet it retails for somewhat more than $50. At long last, in the event that you are on a considerably more tightly spending plan, at that point you are decidedly in the smaller than usual sustenance chopper class, with the Ninja Express Chop costing about $20.

We cleaved two quartered onions in each model and thought about the outcomes.

We slashed two, quartered onions in each model and analyzed the outcomes.


Cleaving sustenance is a quintessential errand for these apparatuses, and ought to be the bread and margarine of any nourishment processor deserving at least some respect. We looked at the execution of every processor at cleaving onions, carrots, nuts by contrasting the nature of the completed items. We additionally granted focuses if the machine had a "Heartbeat" catch, and for how well it worked — regardless of whether it halted rapidly upon the arrival of the catch, in this way deciding how correctly you can control the apparatus. You can find in the outline beneath how the contenders stacked up, and which models were significantly better than the rest.

The Breville Sous Chef was the cream of the harvest for this metric, justifying a 9 out of 10. This model did astoundingly well at slashing onions and almonds. This model took four heartbeats to lessen two quartered onions to a uniform size.

The consequences of our onion hacking test. We were searching for the most uniform slashed onions that weren't mush.

The consequences of our onion cleaving test. We were searching for the most uniform hacked onions that weren't mush.

The almonds were immediately lessened to a suitable size, without beating them. The Breville's "Heartbeat" catch ceased rapidly, yet there were different models like the Cuisinart Elite that halted quickly. The Breville still completed an incredible activity at slashing carrots, yet positioned second best, beat out by the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup, as it had less expansive, uneven lumps.

Following the Breville, there was a three-route tie for the sprinter up position, with the Braun Tribute Collection, the KitchenAid Pro Line, and the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup all gaining a 7 out of 10. Both the KitchenAid Pro and the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup halted endless supply of the "Beat" catch, while the Braun took a slight delay before it stopped turning. The Braun made complete an excellent showing with regards to with cleaving the almonds, arriving in a nearby second to the Breville as far as nature of hacked nuts. The Braun did well at hacking onions and carrots, however tumbled off somewhat on slashing carrots, departing more unevenly estimated bits of the carrot than the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup.

The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup and the Braun created practically identical slashed onions, yet both were beaten by the KitchenAid Pro Line. This model marginally got beat out by the Breville for being the best at slashing onions. It additionally delivered sensibly hacked carrots, however it took a greater number of heartbeats than alternate models.

The KitchenAid Pro Line completed a great job at slashing carrots.

The KitchenAid Pro Line completed a great job at slashing carrots.

In any case, the KitchenAid Pro completed a normal employment at slashing almonds, making a huge amount of residue all the while, yet showed improvement over the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup, which was the most exceedingly awful out of the group in our hacked almond test. TheHamilton Beach 10-Cup left huge amounts of entire almonds, and took, quite a while to achieve something looking like the Breville, however delivered huge amounts of pounded almond dust all the while.

Following behind these leaders were the Cuisinart Elite, Cuisinart Custom, and the KitchenAid 9-Cup, all gaining a 6 out of 10. Each of the three of these models ceased quickly when the "Beat" catch was discharged. Be that as it may, these three models had fiercely unique execution when it came to hacking onions, carrots, and almonds. While this combine of Cuisinart's averaged at cleaving onions, the KitchenAid 9-Cup exceeded expectations, leaving a uniform blend with just a bunch of unfortunately vast pieces. The tables were turned when it came to slashing almonds, with both the Cuisinart Elite and the Cuisinart Custom cleaving the almonds a tasteful sum, however the KitchenAid 9-Cup completing an awful activity. This model was one of the most noticeably awful, leaving huge amounts of entire almonds and more than once strolling down the table while hacking.

Next, the Cuisinart Elemental 13-Cup and the BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup, both earned a 5 out of 10 for their normal hacking capacities. The Cuisinart Elemental exceeded expectations at hacking onions, delivering nearly the indistinguishable level of consistency as the Breville, yet taking twofold the quantity of heartbeats. This model fell a little short when it came to carrots, delivering the absolute most ineffectively hacked carrots of the gathering, with loads of entire pieces still flawless. This was a conspicuous difference to the BLACK+DECKER which left numerous substantial pieces of onions, with an extensive variety of sizes, yet did extremely well in our test at cleaving carrots, delivering a vast, even slash — however it took around 12 beats.

The equitably slashed carrots created by the BLACK+DECKER.

The equitably slashed carrots created by the BLACK+DECKER.

Both of these models didn't stop quickly when the "Beat" catch was discharged, with the Cuisinart Elemental taking a small amount of a second more. These models were both fair at hacking almonds, leaving a bunch of bigger pieces and entire almonds, and in addition making a non-minor measure of pounded almond dust.

Completing at the back of the pack in our slashing test, the Hamilton Beach Professional 14-Cup simply didn't make the cut, winning a 4 out of 10. It produced cleaved onions that were adequate, however they were a little on the soft side, yet this model fell short in the entirety of our other slashing tests. This model spun for quite a while after the "Beat" catch was discharged, and had some perceptible increase time. The Hamilton Beach Professional delivered uncommonly extensive lumps while hacking carrots and made two particular sizes of carrot pieces, instead of uniform.