Garmin Vivofit jr 2 review

The Garmin Vivofit jr 2 is the organization's second era wellness tracker that is back by and by to inspire children to keep dynamic. Much the same as Garmin's trackers for adults (Vivofit 4 or the Vivosport) it covers the nuts and bolts like tallying steps and observing rest. The way to deal with those highlights is completed a little distinctively for minds with shorter capacities to focus.
Garmin Vivofit jr 2

Garmin plans to gamify the experience and it's done that in various ways. Children can procure virtual coins for genuine rewards or advancement in an application based diversion by hitting day by day movement objectives. Be that as it may, it's not just about stimulation. Garmin needs guardians to profit by persuading their little ones to wear a Vivofit jr 2. So you'll be able to set suggestions to brush those teeth previously bed or make sure to do those week by week errands.

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In an offer to make Garmin's wellness tracker for kids all that all the more engaging, it's collaborated with Disney to offer Marvel, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Star Wars themed groups. So the expectation is some recognizable appearances will help keep it around those wrists for the whole deal.

It's January and we're all most likely feeling somewhat regretful about trying too hard finished Christmas and New Year; regardless of whether your children are, as well, is begging to be proven wrong. In the event that yours resemble mine, they've most likely eaten decidedly a lot of chocolate and spent too much time playing computer games, yet they couldn't care less – so influencing them they may need to wear a wellness tracker like the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 to urge them to get more dynamic may be somewhat precarious.

This is the reason, apparently, Garmin embellishes its most recent child agreeable wellness tracker with Disney-related designs, with two or three Mini Mouse forms (one for four-to seven-year-olds, one bigger one for a long time 6+), two more Star Wars models and a couple of Marvel-themed trackers in the range.

Valued at $80, the Vivofit jr 2 really costs more than Garmin's spending choice for grown-ups, the Vivofit 4. While that is shabby in genuine wellness tracker domains, that is as yet a better than average measured venture for a great deal of guardians. So the inquiry is, is it worth spending nearly $100 on a wellness tracker that might possibly fend off your child from the iPad and out into the garden for a circled?

To discover, I enrolled my multi year-old nephew to put it under serious scrutiny. Here's the way living with the Vivofit jr 2 played out.

Garmin Vivofit jr 2: Design and solace

garmin vivofit jr 2 audit

On the off chance that Garmin's trackers for grown-ups are tied in with keeping things lively, the Vivofit jr 2 is about fun. Estimate astute, it's somewhat greater than the Vivofit 4, yet it is extremely unlikely you'll get the two stirred up. This needs to emerge with its vivid silicone groups. As said, you have your pick of Disney, Marvel or Star Wars looks. My nephew was in a split second sold on The Resistance band he got the opportunity to wear and it wasn't some time before he was circling the house doing his best Finn impression.

These groups are accessible in two styles. The stretchy kind that my nephew experimented with, which means to suit wrists up to 147mm for a long time 4-7. The other customizable groups fit wrist sizes of 130-175mm for a very long time 6+. I was asked for to enable him to put it on more often than not, on the grounds that that watch-style clasp can be somewhat dubious for littler hands. The band doesn't sit too firmly around the wrist as should be obvious from the photos yet I had no protestations about how it felt to wear or any issues of aggravation. When it was on, it was there for good.

The groups are tradable with discretionary groups accessible for a quite expensive $27.99, so maybe pick admirably from the begin and ensure they certainly need to be screwed over thanks to a Captain America band and not a BB-8 one.

garmin vivofit jr 2 audit

The band holds set up the wellness tracker module, which sits within a polymer packaging that houses a quite not too bad 11mm x 11mm, 88 x 88 pixel shading show. There's is a backdrop illumination and generally speaking has more in a similar manner as Garmin's spending trackers to the extent screen perceivability is concerned. It's sufficient, just not the best out there. There's no touchscreen bolster here, which bodes well as it would basically be too little a screen to swipe and tap on. Rather there's a major physical catch to switch between information screens and when held down uncovers extra highlights like clocks, decorations and the stopwatch mode.

As is standard with the majority of Garmin's wearables, this is appropriate for the pool. It's been slapped with a 5ATM waterproof rating, which implies it can withstand a dip or running in the rain and will live to track one more day. What I extremely like is the manner by which safely the module is held set up inside the tie. It's unmistakably a think move that supplanting or exchanging up groups requires a grown-up to diminish the danger of losing that critical following equipment.

Garmin Vivofit jr 2: Fitness following

Garmin Vivofit jr 2 audit

So what precisely would you be able to do with the Vivofit Jr.2?

As a matter of fact, as I discovered a good sum. There's simply the lone accelerometer movement sensor to track development to check steps and to open rest observing. Garmin additionally incorporates its valuable Move Bar to show when times of latency have developed. A pleasant touch is the way that the tracker can store a month of information, so on the off chance that you don't start adjusting information to the partner application ordinary, you do have a better than average cushion before you truly do need to synchronize.

Fundamental perusing: Putting three children smartwatches to the test

On the tracker itself, there are screens devoted to the time, schedule, step tally add up to, undertakings/errands to finish and what number of moves you've opened in your perfect diversion. Every variant of the tracker offers its own particular novel advance check symbols and diversions. On account of the Star Wars one, you'll see a stormtrooper close by your day's means however you can open extra symbols contingent upon wellness following advancement. Finishing every day hour long action objectives opens moves in the BB-8 experience: A Star Wars story diversion (more on that later).

Garmin Vivofit jr 2 audit

An auxiliary menu is the place you'll discover the matching alternative, clock, stopwatch and initiate the Toe-to-Toe challenges. This is a coordinated advance test that gives clients a chance to challenge companions or themselves to continue moving.

The test thought is a pleasant thought, yet as I discovered with my nephew, he required some help to utilize it and this can be the situation with a portion of the further developed highlights that exist in the Vivofit Jr.2. They will require some assistance.

To the extent what my nephew delighted in or utilized most, he got a kick out of the chance to keep things basic. It was about advances and he even started testing companions at school to step races. Be that as it may, he wasn't utilizing the highlights best intended for this, just in light of the fact that it was too fiddly for him to set up himself. That is one of the issues with a few highlights that would be viewed as fundamental highlights on Garmin's wellness trackers for grown-ups. For a kid, they are as yet unpredictable or just a lot of a push to utilize.

Garmin Vivofit jr 2: The application

Garmin Vivofit jr 2 survey

There's significantly more to the Vivofit jr 2 both for kids and for guardians once you dig into the free partner Vivofit jr. cell phone application (iOS and Android). In case you're as of now a Garmin Connect client, you'll have the capacity to sign in utilizing your current points of interest to make the setup somewhat less demanding also.

It's here where guardians can take control of settings like including numerous profiles, adjusting and surveying information. Be that as it may, there's the chance to open up the entrance to the children too. That is through a Kid Mode that gives restricted access to once they tap in a password to get inside. This will enable them to finish their diversion experiences and tick off errands.

Once you've combined the gadget, it's an ideal opportunity to set up a profile, which incorporates choosing a symbol, taking a photograph or picking something from your camera roll. The Vivofit jr application is a something of a takeoff from the look of Garmin's Connect application. It's brighter and unmistakably streamlined. On the fundamental screen is the place you'll see a depiction of movement minutes, prizes, errands and settings. There's likewise a Leaderboard tab where you can see step means all clients appointed to the record (counting grown-up step check scores).

Garmin Vivofit jr 2 audit

In the Activity area you can see dynamic minutes, steps and hourly movement. Aggregate sum of rest is likewise incorporated into a different screen. In the prizes segment, it's here where you can make a physical reward (e.g. bicycle ride, purchase another diversion) alongside what number of virtual coins required to open a honor. While it is anything but another component to the Vivofit jr run, there's not very numerous trackers that offer something like this current that is essentially executed and is really an extremely decent, motivational element to have.
There's likewise Chores where you can allocate day by day or on a specific day that when finished win virtual coins. Those coins that can prove to be useful for getting your hands on those prizes. These tasks incorporate things like ensuring they're brushing their teeth early in the day and night, doing homework or nourishing a pet. You can likewise make your own particular tasks and when these are set, make updates that buzz the gadget with a caution, blazing up a symbol to bump the wearer that despite everything they have to finish that errand.

Garmin Vivofit jr 2

Garmin Vivofit jr 2

Wareable may get a commission

The exact opposite thing to discuss is the Adventure mode. This is the themed experience that you can just advancement by finishing the every day hour long action objectives. For the Star Wars rendition, you should handle experiences on the planet Jakku nearby BB-8. As much as my nephew is an immense Star Wars fan he did anyway rapidly lose enthusiasm for finishing this Star Wars enterprise in under seven days. Given he could (attempt and) snatch a telephone to play an appropriate diversion, I could perceive any reason why that would be the situation.

Garmin Vivofit jr 2: Battery life

garmin vivofit jr 2 audit

Something you don't have to stress excessively over is battery life. There's no charging support or dock to lose, on account of the reality this tracker is fueled by a standard coin cell battery. That should present no less than a year of following before it should be supplanted.

That coin cell battery is put away within the tracker's plastic body, which is held set up with four screws, which implies it'll require a grown-up to go anyplace close it.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 survey: What you have to know

Despite everything I experienced difficulty influencing my little girl to keep the Captain America form on her wrist while she was "trying" it, however there are different reasons your kid should need to keep the Vivofit Jr 2 lashed to his or her wrist.

What's more, these for the most part encompass motivators. By means of the application on your telephone, you can utilize the Vivofit to set up movement based objectives, much the same as most wellness trackers, yet the distinction with the Jr is that, as your little ones achieve their different objectives, prizes can be earned.

Picture 5 of 8Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 lash and tracker module

Hit the every day hour long action focus for example, and another "stage" on the in-application themed amusement is opened. Guardians may likewise be satisfied to find that the band can likewise be utilized to boost the finish of tasks.

Underneath the splendidly shaded wrapping, nonetheless, this is basically only a pedometer. It has an accelerometer inside for following development and a little shading, dependably on screen, yet itdoesn't have any extravagant highlights like GPS or pulse observing.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 survey: Price and rivalry

There's a lot of rivalry for the Vivofit Jr 2 yet this tends to originate from brands, for example, LeapFrog and Vtech that represent considerable authority in kid related tech and have a tendency to be more awkward than this. Costs for these sorts of gadgets have a tendency to lounge around the £30 to £40 stamp, however the Vivofit Jr 2 is twice this cost at £80. It is, be that as it may, considerably more completely included and somewhat more adult.

Picture of Garmin 010-01909-12 Vivofit Jr2, Activity Monitor for Children 6 years and more established, Capitan America - Multicolor Garmin 010-01909-12 Vivofit Jr2, Activity Monitor for Children 6 years and more seasoned, Capitan America - Multicolor


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Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 audit: Design and highlights

I've effectively secured the Vivofit Jr 2's fundamental highlights in the rundown above, yet it merits going into greater detail. As I've stated, the Jr is an action tracker – no more, no less – yet there are a couple of things that lift it from essentially a brilliantly hued Fitbit.

The first is battery life. Since there's no power-sapping pulse screen or GPS, and the screen isn't illuminated, the Vivofit will last up to a year from a solitary coin-cell battery. The second is that it's waterproof and agreeable to wear (so my little girl lets me know), despite the fact that do be watchful which show you purchase. The one for four-to seven-year-olds has a stretchy lash for littler wrists, while the one for a long time and over is a bigger, great clasp plan. Misunderstand the one and it likely won't fit.

Picture 4 of 8Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 tracker module and lash

The third is that it's a simple to-utilize and successful movement tracker, packed with helpful and imaginative additional highlights. It does the rudiments, following dynamic time and the quantity of ventures (with the default objective being a hour), however children can likewise get to a stopwatch and select from a rundown of preset commencement clocks – for example, two minutes for the brushing of teeth, 30 minutes' screen time or 15 minutes for homework – on the gadget itself. Guardians can likewise set up custom cautions for errands (see beneath).

Children can likewise participate in a stage challenge on the watch, in which the thought is that they finish however many strides as could reasonably be expected in two minutes. It's even conceivable to connect two Vivofit Jr gadgets together so children can contend with each other, in spite of the fact that I can see that one going on for about 30 minutes before your children get exhausted.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 screen captures 1

In like manner, there's the in-application "Experience Trail" in which kids open moves, identifications, levels and all the more every time they hit their day by day action target. It's themed to coordinate the outline of the watch and despite the fact that I can see it speaking to more youthful ones, I'm not persuaded it's connecting enough for more seasoned children to continue returning for additional, particularly on the off chance that they effectively claim a handheld amusements comfort or tablet.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 screen captures experience mode

Luckily, the parent-driven highlights on the application are somewhat more convincing. In the application, it's conceivable to choose from a rundown of preset tasks (or set up your own), which you compensate with virtual coins and, as your kid finishes the errands on the rundown, you tick them off in the application. This is matched up back to the Vivofit and, once enough coins have been earned, a reward – additionally set in the application – is earned.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 screen captures 3

You could utilize this to set up little rewards, for example, additional screen time or a motion picture night – or, in case you're gutsy, for greater prizes that take more time to gain. The considerable thing here is how much customisation you get as a parent. You can plan errands to be done each day, consistently, every other week, just Sundays and Tuesdays – at whatever point you need, adequately – and you can set updates for every one, as a humming alert joined by content and a symbol, so your children know precisely what assignment they ought to perform.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 survey: Verdict

The Vivofit Jr 2 is, great, yet whether it will influence your children to be more dynamic is easily proven wrong. The primary trouble you'll have is you'll require an iron will as a parent to get your children to wear everything the time and to comply with the tenets you set up on it. You likewise should be steady in applying those tenets and to make sure to match up the band with the tracker frequently.

The reason is that, past the underlying surge of having another toy to play with, there's very little here to keep children's enthusiasm going. The application based exploratory amusement doesn't give enough motivating force to the present youngsters to continue returning, and after that it's genuinely fundamental carrot-and-stick stuff – stuff you should as of now be doing with your children in any case.

Having said that, in case you're not kidding about persuading your children to be more dynamic and you have the will to stay with it, if your children advantage from a more organized approach, or in case you're basically confounded and stressed the little ones aren't getting enough exercise, you'll discover the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 to be a fantastic aide. Simply don't anticipate that it will carry out the activity of child rearing for you.

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The Garmin Vivofit jr 2 may well be a wellness tracker for kids, yet it needs an experienced childhood with hand to benefit as much as possible from its best highlights. It does the nuts and bolts well and I found my nephew got into racking up those higher advance check scores. Regardless of whether he will stick to it long haul, I'm not entirely certain – simply like some other child, he can rapidly lose enthusiasm for things. Its genuine appeal is in the one of a kind highlights like making tasks and the prizes framework – these highlights require grown-up association to ensure they're put to great utilize, however they can be extremely fulfilling. Until the point when Fitbit chooses to join the wellness tracker for kids diversion, Garmin's Vivofit jr 2 is your best alternative. It's not impeccable and it may be somewhat expensive for a few, however it's as near the total bundle as you can get at the present time.


Agreeable to wear

Pleasant Disney-themed plans

Tasks and rewards framework


Rapidly lost enthusiasm for experience amusement

A few highlights require a grown-up to set up

Not the brightest show